The name El Roi Artistry comes from Genesis 16.  El Roi is one of the names of God.  It means “The God who sees.”  I believe that God sees and loves each one of us.  He isn’t turning a blind eye to the pain and hurt in the world.  He knows every person and every circumstance and He has provided a blessed hope through Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection on the cross.  A means of salvation from the sin and death the enslaves the world.  I also believe that God has put us here to share this hope.  Sharing the hope of Jesus to a lost and dying world is the priority of each believer.  One way we can do that is by reaching out to people in need.

This all started out of my heart for the orphan.  Three years ago I began selling my artwork to try and help fund our family’s adoption.  Although that didn’t work out the way I had expected and we weren’t able to adopt at that time it really opened my eyes.  Since then I have decided that even though adoption and orphan outreach are the focus of my heart there are so many other people that need help.  50% of the profits from each item sold go to the ministry featured on our mission page.  These ministries will vary but most of them have one thing in common, they are helping the poorest and most broken around the world.  Men, women, and children, in need of someone who is committed to something greater than themselves.  People with no where else to turn.

I feel that God gives us gifts and blessings to use for His glory and bless others.  This is my small way of trying to make a difference in someone’s life.  Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to peruse our pages.  I hope your day is blessed and remember…

God sees you, He loves you, and He knows you by name.

But do you know Him?

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  1. I found a sermon notes design online for children to use in worship and it was created by you. I am trying to find out how I might be able to order these.

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