Renew Sermon Journal


So for the past eight months I’ve been working on something.  It started early last summer with the idea of creating a sheet to help my kids get more out of Sunday morning services.  We had recently moved to a very small church where they needed to sit through service.  Out of the desire to help my children pay attention I created a downloadable sermon notes page in my still water shop.  I was amazed at the response to that little sheet and had a friend ask for something similar but in book form that would last a whole year.  So after carrying that idea around with me for months I’m finally ready to print.  The cost of printing and binding is high so I currently have the books up on my Still Waters Etsy shop available for pre-order.

The Book Includes:

Book includes:
-216 pages to keep your hands and mind engaged during church service.

-Old and New Testament books listed for reference and to keep track of what you’ve studied this year.

-4 maps to fill with color, names, and places for better understanding of where and how things happen in Scripture.

-An original bookmark with instructions on how to use the book and to keep your place throughout the year.

So stop by the Still Waters Shop and purchase your copy of the “Renew Sermon Journal”


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