This is harder than I thought…

So it’s day 9 of the #write31days journey and I’m beginning to rethink my decision to join.  Wow, is it hard to write on a single topic for 31 days.  I spent two hours today writing a beautiful post and then realized while making dinner for my family that I was not ready to post it.  It may pop up on the blog later but today was not that day so for the last half hour I’ve been racking my brain for what to write on abiding in love.  I decided I’d be honest. I’m not even halfway through and I’m struggling.  Not just to post but even to think of ways to show people love every day.  It’s really hard.  Part of the reason I decided to do this was because I knew I wasn’t good at it.  I knew it would be hard to do.  So far planning meals for the month is easy peasy loving on people however… not so much.  It’s sad when the most important things we are commanded to do as Christians, Jesus called them the greatest commandments, to love the father with all your heart and to love others more than yourself (Matt. 22:36-40), seem nearly impossible to accomplish.

I believe that honesty and transparency amazing ways to love someone.  To be honest for their good.  C.S. Lewis said “Love is not an affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved persons ultimate good.”  When we are transparent with people not only about their lives but about our own it makes them feel comfortable to be honest with us.  It creates a relationship where both parties feel safe to be themselves and fosters opportunities to grow.  So this is me trying to be open with you.  I’ve said before love is hard but by God’s grace I can be better.  I hope you continue to walk with me through the rest of October I hope we can grow together.


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