Gather Together, because No One is Called to Hermitude.

Hermitude, I am pretty sure I just made that up but as a stay at home mom I often feel isolated like one of those mean little old men in bedtime stories that live alone in their hovel. It’s so easy for me to fall into the bad habit of separating myself from the world. I make excuses like, it’s too hard to leave the house with kids, my house is too dirty to have anyone over, I’d be embarrassed if they even saw me, or that would mean I need to get dressed and brush my hair and wear pants! Then after a few weeks (or months) of making excuses I end up lonely and a little bit bitter. It leads me to think untruths about others. Blame them for my loneliness. When really it’s my responsibility to work at building relationships.

God has not called us to isolation. He made us to fellowship together and fellowship can be sweet even in a messy house while wearing a ratty sweatshirt and having not showered. There is something about the fall that draws us together. It is made for gathering! And chances are that I am not the only one out there making excuses and feeling lonely. It’s time to take a step of faith, unafraid of rejection, with transparency and love, and just be together with someone.

So there, I guess that’s my challenge for today. Take time out for someone else. Even if it’s just a few minutes. Even if I don’t have time. Make time, because really people are more important than anything else on my schedule. They have eternal value and what better way to show love than give them my time. I won’t ever get it back and it is precious.


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